Sunday, June 27, 2010

A step forward

So for those of you who know me this Blog thing is something different. Honestly I make fun of my wife all the time because she spends so much time writing, reading, and always brain storming on what to write about for her blog. I think I might have even said I will never get one, but here I am writing for everyone on the internet to read. The first idea for a blog was one just highlighting my main and favorite hobby, fly fishing, but I know myself very well and know that I'd never stay in those limits. Knowing that I'd ramble off into sports, and odd glory story I thought it would be best to leave the scope of this a little wider then say Bruce's fly fishing journal, stories of a trout fisherman, or even something that only a fly fisherman would understand like wind knot. I'm titling this blog Outfitted for Life, the name came from Sarah my wife, and it took only minutes of thinking about it for me to jump onboard with that name. I love it for many reasons, the biggest of all the reasons is the fact that it leaves me lots of room to work with.

Since I kinda filled everyone in on the direction this thing might go, how about the first of hopefully many stories. This story was the first that came to mind when the title of the blog was made final. It takes me back to high school, it was the first hunting season I could drive. My parents okayed my brother and I to go hunting alone for what I think was the first time. We planned to hit a spot we hunted small game, and later on in our hunting adventures became a great waterfowl spot. Well we were packing up the guns and mom was giving us the be safe, look out for each other, and if your going to be late call speech. My mom looked us up and down, she cracked a half a smile and said well boys you look the part, and then wished us luck as we ran to the car guns, ammo and packs in hand. Between the two of us we were geared to the max for a small game hunt, I guess ever since then I've always tried to look the part if nothing else........ I try to go into every situation especially when it comes to the outdoors "looking the part". Looking the part now there is one of the first lessons if you want to be outfitted for life.

Well this might be rough but I'll bet they get better as I post more of them.