Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little bass action.

So I have slowed my fishing obsession down a little in the last couple weeks.  There is no one reason for it but a bunch of them.  Even with this pull back I have had a chance to go do my favorite fishing of all, small mouth bass on the Housatonic river with a fly rod.  
First fish that was bigger then 8 inches (with a gurgler variation in its jaw)
A nice 13 inch fish weighing in at about a one pound.

This was me after that trip to the river.  Catching bass takes it out of ya.
 I have been fishing one time since then (the 4th of July week).  Yesterday I spend an entire day fishing and I haven't done that in a long time.  I fished a weed choked pond in town and had a blast.  Stuck mainly with the bait cast rod and a frog but made a few casts with the fly rod as well.  After the first dozen fish or so I stopped counting but kept having fun.  Most of these large mouth weighed in at a pound or two with one hitting the two and a half mark.  There were no lunkers but man was it fun and a funny thing happened I actually stopped fishing.  I hit that point where I was either tired enough, dehydrated enough, or just plan done fishing for a couple hours.  It was refreshing to fish like this.  No time constants, no other people around (it was Wednesday after all), and no weather to worry about.
cooky cutter bass but tons for fun on a frog
 Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll have a new adventure soon.