Friday, July 22, 2011

Food Blogger?

So I have been fishing once in going on a week and a half now.  That one trip was a feel good trip.  I did not want to be skunked so I decided to fish for pan fish.  Bluegills, yellow perch and crappy bass were all there but the bluegill were very hungry.

I have been blogging but not here.  Wednesday I took pictures while I cooked dinner(like my wife does) so I could be a guest cook on her blog.  So yesterday and this morning I wrote up what I did and turned it over to her.  She did a little proof read and posted it!  This was my first guest post and I am glad she let me do it.  Please head over to her blog and read about my Garlic Rosemary Red Potatoes and Chicken

Sarah blogs about food, faith, fitness and lots of other things,  So please go check out my post on her blog and while you are there click around and see what we have been up to.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Troutrageous Stickers!

My package

I love to get stickers for the gear and places I support.  When I first started getting them I only put them on my car (which at the time was a Jeep Cherokee) but after selling it I needed to start collecting again.  I have thought about my new collection - putting them all on the truck would be a waste of time right now because my truck is not on the road.

But that is another story for another day.

The story for today is:  How can these stickers still travel hundreds of miles and spark questions even though they are not on my truck?  When I travel by car I always take fly fishing gear.  I am not just talking about fly rods and some boxes either - what good are boxes if you do not have the fly that is working?

Traveling fly tying kit!

Until today this was my newest sticker and it is my favorite. 

Packing for a road trip for me starts with a tool box that has fly tying stuff in it.  Sometimes I do not even look at this traveling fly tying kit on a trip but other times I use it to its fullest extent.  The box is turning into a place for me to display stickers and logos that I either can not put on my truck (because I don't like clutter on the windows and bumpers too much) or are already there.   This box gets unpacked at houses, hotels, campsites, and the occasional stream side picnic table.  Family, friends and strangers ask about the different stickers, and this normally starts me talking about fly fishing and tying. This is one of my favorite pass times, next to actually fishing.

Now my newest and it is very cool! 

Today in the mail I saw this letter.  I knew it was not a letter but a package.  You see, Mike over at Troutrageous! put his blog's logo on a sticker, and is offering them up for free!  Seeing how I love all things sticker and all things free I jumped on the offer.  So I will be shamelessly promoting Troutrageous! and since there are two stickers I will have one on my traveling tying box, and my truck.
 So thanks Mike!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I guess I am a blogger

I just returned from a trip to CT where I helped my father in-law do some landscaping around his house in preparation for a family picnic.  Thinking back on my last CT fishing adventure I decided to take all my fishing gear.  The problem was I had a lot of work to do and there was a pool.  So my days of work were normally followed by a swim.  This means that if Sarah ever gets sick of me fishing, all she has to do is get a pool and I will not fish as much.

Now that I am back from my work detail I have a lot of work to do around our house, and do not really know when my next fishing adventure will be.  On a positive note our garden is full of veggies or stuff that is not ripe.  The stuff we can start eating is the lettuce, sugar peas, green beans and onions.  The not quite ripe bunch are the cucumbers, tomatoes, carets, and I now I am missing stuff, but the exciting thing is we can eat some stuff. 

I am still hoping to do some saltwater fishing sometime soon, but for now I need to get this place in order.  Our yard looks like a hay field and my desk is a mess.  So maybe by the end of the weekend I will get a rod in my hand and start to target some local pond fish.

Lastly I can not believe I am saying this but I missed blogging.  I said in the past that I really do not think I am a blogger, but I missed it.  Another thing I missed was keeping up with some of the blogs I like to read.  So I am going to be catching up on Arizona Wonderings, Small Stream Reflections, This River is Wild, Troutrageous! and the list goes on but these guys get a lot of my attention.   So I have some cleaning, job hunting, blog catching up, fly tying and fishing to do in the next week so stay tuned.

Sorry for my disappearance over the last week or so but I am back and will be blogging about my fishing adventures again soon.  Until then maybe I will have some other adventure to blog about.