Thursday, July 14, 2011

Troutrageous Stickers!

My package

I love to get stickers for the gear and places I support.  When I first started getting them I only put them on my car (which at the time was a Jeep Cherokee) but after selling it I needed to start collecting again.  I have thought about my new collection - putting them all on the truck would be a waste of time right now because my truck is not on the road.

But that is another story for another day.

The story for today is:  How can these stickers still travel hundreds of miles and spark questions even though they are not on my truck?  When I travel by car I always take fly fishing gear.  I am not just talking about fly rods and some boxes either - what good are boxes if you do not have the fly that is working?

Traveling fly tying kit!

Until today this was my newest sticker and it is my favorite. 

Packing for a road trip for me starts with a tool box that has fly tying stuff in it.  Sometimes I do not even look at this traveling fly tying kit on a trip but other times I use it to its fullest extent.  The box is turning into a place for me to display stickers and logos that I either can not put on my truck (because I don't like clutter on the windows and bumpers too much) or are already there.   This box gets unpacked at houses, hotels, campsites, and the occasional stream side picnic table.  Family, friends and strangers ask about the different stickers, and this normally starts me talking about fly fishing and tying. This is one of my favorite pass times, next to actually fishing.

Now my newest and it is very cool! 

Today in the mail I saw this letter.  I knew it was not a letter but a package.  You see, Mike over at Troutrageous! put his blog's logo on a sticker, and is offering them up for free!  Seeing how I love all things sticker and all things free I jumped on the offer.  So I will be shamelessly promoting Troutrageous! and since there are two stickers I will have one on my traveling tying box, and my truck.
 So thanks Mike!



  1. Bruce - Thanks for flyin' the flag! Just caught the post now - awesome!

  2. Love your Troutrageous sticker, t'was cool. Indeed! Actually, your blog is very interesting cause I am fond of stickers also and I have get lots of ideas during travel time.