Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I guess I am a blogger

I just returned from a trip to CT where I helped my father in-law do some landscaping around his house in preparation for a family picnic.  Thinking back on my last CT fishing adventure I decided to take all my fishing gear.  The problem was I had a lot of work to do and there was a pool.  So my days of work were normally followed by a swim.  This means that if Sarah ever gets sick of me fishing, all she has to do is get a pool and I will not fish as much.

Now that I am back from my work detail I have a lot of work to do around our house, and do not really know when my next fishing adventure will be.  On a positive note our garden is full of veggies or stuff that is not ripe.  The stuff we can start eating is the lettuce, sugar peas, green beans and onions.  The not quite ripe bunch are the cucumbers, tomatoes, carets, and I now I am missing stuff, but the exciting thing is we can eat some stuff. 

I am still hoping to do some saltwater fishing sometime soon, but for now I need to get this place in order.  Our yard looks like a hay field and my desk is a mess.  So maybe by the end of the weekend I will get a rod in my hand and start to target some local pond fish.

Lastly I can not believe I am saying this but I missed blogging.  I said in the past that I really do not think I am a blogger, but I missed it.  Another thing I missed was keeping up with some of the blogs I like to read.  So I am going to be catching up on Arizona Wonderings, Small Stream Reflections, This River is Wild, Troutrageous! and the list goes on but these guys get a lot of my attention.   So I have some cleaning, job hunting, blog catching up, fly tying and fishing to do in the next week so stay tuned.

Sorry for my disappearance over the last week or so but I am back and will be blogging about my fishing adventures again soon.  Until then maybe I will have some other adventure to blog about.



  1. Kayaks on the Resevior tomorrow night?

  2. Yes, you are a blogger. Welcome to the darkside. Have enjoyed your posts to date.