Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Testing New Waters

Tonight after a long day at work I pulled up a chair to the vise and planned to work out a new pattern.  The pattern is the damsel fly.  This fly is used in warm water situations and is a big carp and bass fly.  I have been trying to catch a carp for a couple weeks now and just want to pad my chances with a fly that is said to work.  After tying three flies that are all slightly different from each other and a bunch that were no good I packed up my tying stuff to call it a night. I will be field testing these new flies this weekend sometime and I hope they do the trick.  Here are a couple shots of them, I'm not confident in the pattern yet so they look a little rough.  Rough flies tends to happen when you tie a fly for the first time.

Like I said not the prettiest fly I have ever tied but look at that I am getting better at taking pictures of the finished product.  There will be more to come maybe another post before Sunday this time.  


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