Friday, April 6, 2012

A Gift

So my brother is in the coast guard and was at "A" school for the past couple months. He has since graduated and moved back to work on the same ship he was on before. This time he has a new job on the boat and won't be the low man on the totumpole. I wasn't able to make it to his graduation this time and that really bummed my out. So I started tying flies.

You see my brother has done something I have been dreaming and reading about now for a couple years. He did it with a spinning rod I think (correct me of I'm wrong there Jay)? I never got all the details but I've seen the pictures and I'm jealous. 

He has caught a lake run steelhead in the skinny waters of a woodland stream. He has since bought an 8wt fly rod and an Allen reel to try and catch one with.

So I gave him a box of flies to try and catch a couple of these monsters with. Nothing too special, some egg patterns, some loop eggs, a couple jumbo johns, and some streamers. This coming fall I hope to get out to NY and chase these big fish myself. Hopefully this spring my bro can tell me what patterns work best.

So formally congrats Jason and put these flies to good use bud!


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