Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Not-So New Year's Resolution

Well this is not a new years resolution because I came to this conclusion back in the beginning of December.  I've decided to go back to blogging more regularly.  It kinda went to the way side due to my crazy life and work schedules.  Well my work schedule has changed a little and that actually helped everything else be less crazy.  That alone did not made the decision for me it was coupled with the fact that I came up with a theme for the year and have a couple co-writers agree to help me stay consistent.
First the theme:  A year of chasing Striped Bass

Coming to the theme was brought on by many things.  One goes back to a work schedule that will allow for more fishing, especially fishing with friends.  Also I have acquired more saltwater gear, which will make fishing less about what I can piece together and more about just going and doing it.  Also I have found and been shown spots to go fishing (this was an issue when we first moved to Massachusetts).  The problem of fishing spots is not completely solved, but is much better then two years ago.  Lastly I am starting to figure tides, baits, seasons and tactics.

This brings be too some co-writers. They will write bios for themselves soon but here is my take on them.

John and Brian
They are brothers and we all fish together a lot.  I can say they are both good fishermen and even if the fishing stinks they bring some fun.  John is a very good largemouth bass fisherman and has been bringing that skill to the salt a lot more in the past couple years.  He also has picked up a fly rod in the past couple years and last year stuck his first striper on the fly.  We caught many bass in the fall and also had a ton of fun with shad.

Brian brings a lot to the table, including dinner and drinks.  Brian has a house on a very popular (not to mention productive) river that stripers are in at least 3 seasons a year.  Along with living on one of the waters we fish, Brian has two boats.  He also is a good chef and though I release 80-90% of the fish I catch Brian and John like to keep stripers more then I do so he will be cooking up our catches this year.

Hopefully this next year will be fun and full of learning, teaching and excitement we can somehow convey to anyone willing to read.  Here we go again thanks for reading.


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  1. looking forward to all this spring and catching big fish....