Thursday, February 2, 2012

Owl Jones's tying contest

I don't often do this but I think I'm going to enter the first ever Owl Jones fly tying contest. For those of you who don't run in the outdoor blogging circles or don't read fishing blogs you probably do not know Owl Jones. He is the writer of the blog and yesterday posted this post OJDC’s First Annual Fly Tying Competition. The honest truth is I don't read every post he puts up (Owl seems to have more time to blog then the average bear) but yesterday I finished my lunch early and read his contest announcement.

At first I shrugged it off and thought I don't have anything to offer, but tonight while I was at the vise I decided to go for it. I have two very different flies I'm going to send. So now I need to sit down and make them. Look out Owl here they come!


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