Friday, February 10, 2012

First trout of the year.

This past weekend Sarah and I went to Connecticut to watch the Super Bowl. I really had little interest in the game this year and even though it was a good one I was distracted. I was on the computer reading stream reports for the local waters. Aside from visiting, this trip was about fishing (I even think Sarah admitted that in the end).

I decided I would fish the Farmington River. There were many reasons for the Farmington over the Housatonic or one of the small streams but I can't pin down which one sold me on it.
Well, for what ever reason, the Farmington was the choice. I did not get up early because, as Sarah put it, this was a mini vacation (and the trout aren't going at the crack of dawn like they are in summer). Now for a trip in the beginning of February on a Monday afternoon, you would think I would have had the river to myself right? Well that's not the case at this stretch of the river!  When I pulled in the parking lot was half full.

Once I was suited up and lined up I talked to an older fella who was smoking a pipe next to his car. He had a fly rod so I asked how the fishing was hoping he'd hint as to any action. He smiled and said they are ONLY hitting micro stone flies. I had no clue what a micro stone fly was but I said okay and hit the water. After briefly fishing a midge larva I spotted a couple fish rolling in the film.

After fishing the smallest wet fly I had thought I'd try a dry. So I grabbed the trusty rusty Griffith gnat. Had a raise but no take. After adding a little 6x to my leader I tried again and wouldn't you know they were eating gnats too.
Dry flies in February - what a great way to start the year. Maybe I was too quick to claim this coming year 'the year of the bass'. This trip really got me excited about spring fishing. 

Well - back to the tying vise for now. I'll try to post soon on some of my new tying adventures.