Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catch Up Post

This is a short update on the status of me and my outdoor adventures.  With this nice weather I have been eating lunch fast so I can walk around the cranberry bog for fresh air and exercise.  Also I have been going to the gym a couple times a week.  Thats my life these days fast pace and not a lot of time at the end of the week.

Oh and there is the fishing and fly tying obsession.  Let me tell ya it is only getting worse.  On the fly fishing front I have been getting out more and more these days.  I caught my first couple bluegills last week and a baby bass as well.  The state has started stocking the waters and I am impatiently waiting for either the local streams to be stocked or the stripers to come in.  Also I plan to go west on Monday and fish the states' only tailwater (there will be a full post on that trip Tuesday or Wednesday).

Baby bass
Now on to the fly tying end of the world.  So along with doing a lot of tying these days I have been trying to organize my tying area.  I had some organization before but felt the need to really do an overhaul.  With some day dreaming and help from Jesse (a church member and friend with a full wood shop in his basement) I made a couple blocks to organize tools, threads, and adhesives.

This if the before picture of my desk.
A couple caddis for the season
I have been tying salmon and steelhead flies lately most of them for my brother who will be returning to WI just in time for the spring steelhead run.  Also I am going to be trying my hand at landlocked salmon this week. 
the after shot of the same desk
Close up shot of my new organization, note the threads.  

So to keep it short, I'm closing the laptop and going to sleep.

Keep a look out, with the nicer weather I will be having more and more adventures which will mean more and more blog posts.


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