Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pond Fishin

So in southeast Massachusetts we do not have a lot of stream and river trout fishing. This, for me, was (and is) somewhat of a let down. I love stream and river fishing for trout. It makes sense to me and it is what I grew up with. All that being said I have decided to go with it and learn to pond fish for trout and also look to the salt for some completely new fishing experiences.

The ponds are all being stocked now and with the unseasonably warm weather the local pond fish are waking up as well. So in the past week I have landed 6 different kinds of fish. About a week ago I caught some bass, bluegill and trout one evening after work.

The next four days after that I landed close to a hundred bluegill and pumpkinseed sunnies, a pickerel, a couple more bass and just last night caught about 6 crappies.

So, all in all, pond fishing is okay and I really love catching lots of different fish. I guess that means pond fishing will work out for me.



  1. Always fun to get half a dozen species out of one body of water!

  2. That's a beautiful part of spring - fish still figuring out their schools and feeding patterns - ya never know what you might pull up!