Monday, August 16, 2010


Maybe it is a bad sign but I think I have a little writers block, and I have not been doing a lot of fishing. I went out chasing carp this past Saturday, I saw a lot of what I have been reading about. I saw some tailing action, some fish kind of cruising, and some fish just resting on the bottom. I spent some money to rent a canoe and paddle to a shallow spot where the water was warm. Then spend most of the morning and afternoon tossing "carp flies" to the tailing fish. They would spook and swim off leaving a wake behind for me to shake my head at and laugh. I got good at sneaking up on them and they would spook right next to the boat. It was an exciting morning, and then the fish went to sleep. Just sitting on the bottom hiding till I hit them with the bottom of the boat or the paddle.

That was it, no fish to hand, no big fight story, and no running my line all the way to the backing. I was not upset at all it was fun to be on the water and chasing a fish I have never caught before. There is something exciting about fishing for a new species, I really have not caught a lot of different species on the fly rod, but starting now I am going to try. Hopefully next time I can post a picture of a big carp.

This was the area I fished.

I have been fishing more this year then I had in the past two or three years and will be taking it back a little now that Sarah is not on call every weekend. That being said the creation of this blog has given me some reason to get on the water, and will hopefully get me on the water for years to come. Would you look at that I was not completely blocked I just had a story where I did not catch a fish, or even have any real excitement on the trip. The plans was to blog on Sunday's and Wednesday's and I am sorry I have been bad about it this past week but I am getting back on track starting now. I did put in a wish list update and last week I updated my gear page as well. Thanks for reading everyone.


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