Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long Week

It is another long week for me. Unlike the summer the heat is not getting to me, the 90 degree days this week seem easy compared to the heat of mid July. The management at work is a little crazy lately but it is soon the end of the month, and well sometimes these guys just are not good at dealing with workers. SO the fact that it is almost 12 and Wednesday is coming to an end just makes me feel good. There is no fishing trip planned for this week and I'm not sure there will be this weekend, but at this point I am looking forward to the weekend.

As of lunch today I was still trying to figure out some way to fish a new state, and hopefully tomorrow will bring a good email with promising news of fishing TN. If my plans all work out I will be able to get some trout fishing in on my way to visit a friend, and maybe some carp fishing when I finally get to him. The plans are big but if his schedule is open enough it could be a big trip.

As for this week I had a chance to wet a line Sunday. It was bad news, I traveled north to the mountains about 2 hours north of Atlanta but the stream system I had picked out was near 70 degrees. That is not ideal for trout fishing, so I spent hours just casting till I was blue in the face. Then spooking fish that were just resting on the bottom. So Sunday was a wash and it looks like I am starting a new blank streak.

Well this post may seem a little down, but I wanted it to be positive look toward the weekend. So it sounds like Sarah and I might find a waterfall, hike stone mountain, or hit the zoo. I can not wait to hang out with my fun wife all weekend, and hopefully we can mix in enough outdoors to fill that part of me. Well everyone hump day is over and it is all down hill for here.


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