Sunday, August 1, 2010

First New Rod As A Married Couple!

Last Thursday I was online reading article about carp fishing, and also found some people who fish these things regularly on a message board I like to follow. It hit me I want to be able to either catch big fish or bass, and the river is so warm now the only fishing worth doing in the city is carp, or bass. So I used an equation that my father-in-law told me about how many bicycles a person should have but instead of bikes I used fly rods.

Tabulate the number of fly rods you have + one = the number you should have(thanks Bob)

Well as anyone who is married can tell you most of the time finances are a thing that people fight the most about. I took it upon myself to shop online for a rod that would bring quality but not break the bank. I love the big brands Orvis, G.Loomis, Redington but that being said I can't always afford them I have one and one day will get more. I've got a wife who has spent years and years in school and she will be looking for a real job when this unpaid internship ends. I think I'm making enough money to get by but not enough to buy the good brands. That being said I put it out in the world that I wanted a new rod and had a big speech planned out in the event Sarah gave me any flack about it. When I asked she paused a minute and said when do you want it?
Shock, is the one word to explain how I felt when she gave it the green light. So
we made a plan to go to Bass Pro and get a start up kit. I decided an 8 wt. was the way to go because I could handle big flies and big fish with it. Saturday morning Sarah was finishing up her on call and I when trout fishing. I hooked up with two but lost them, and then the tubers and bait fisherman started to move in on me so I came home. Then around 6 or so we hit Bass Pro and then went to Lake Lanier so I could just throw it for the first time. It was nice to put a big fly on and not even know it was there when I was casting.

I learned my lesson with my big 5 wt that getting that first fish is the key, so today after church and before a huge thunderstorm rolled in I hit the river. I hooked up with one little bass who wasn't willing to stick around for pictures, but that was okay with me I was seeing storm clouds and thought it was be a good idea to take my new 9 foot lightening rod back to the truck. I had a case I used with my first rod and reel(which was stolen years ago) this new rod and reel fits well.

So I went with a White River Dogwood Canyon 9 foot 8wt. I like it a lot it is not as stiff as I thought it would be, but that being said it is an 8wt and can handle big flies and hopefully I can give a full report on how it handles big fish really soon. As I tried to tell Sarah aesthetics are not tops sometimes in this sport, but that being said it always comes into play at some point, and this rod is a maroon color(same color as my first rod) real cork handle, and the reel has a drag which will be helpful on those future large carp. The reel is nice looking as well because it has a throw back look. I have made some casts in two days with this rod, that are as long as I have even thrown.

Now the hunt is on for that first carp. I'm really looking forward to posting a picture of a 20 lb plus carp in hand. I'm hoping to land one within the month so wish me luck and keep checking the blog for that day. Thanks Sarah for supporting this addiction that is fishing. It is something that I honestly think you are starting to understand with this title you used the other night Fishers of...... Well...... Fish . I can not wait for the weekend that I get a personal photographer following me around the stream capturing casts, and hopefully some trophy shots. Okay all as always do the best you can do.



  1. I think that equation might be my favorite EVER!!! I will use it many many times. Hope your fishing is successful :) Bring home some dinner!

  2. You're a badass. And I miss you.