Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Trout

When I was in the 5th grade I begged for my parents to buy me a fly rod. It was months of asking for it and then answering question after question, why fly fishing, how will you learn, who will teach you, and even how do you expect to catch fish on a fly rod. Well my birthday is in April and first day of trout was in May sometime. Well I took the fly rod and a spin rod along for that year. I watched videos, talked to my cousin who fly fished, and a lot of guess and check. I remember in late August fishing a stream that I've fished my entire life. Standing in the Tulpehocken creek in late August I had a trout strike a marabou streamer.
I think it is funny how our mind works sometimes. There are many things in life I remember like they were yesterday, but still many that I can't. All the years I have been fishing I can only remember a couple fish without notes I wrote about them, but that first 10 inch rainbow trout on a black and white marabou streamer is burned into my mind. It was on a dead drift which looking back is not the first thing I would do today. I even remember the exact spot, it was a spot my friend Tiny would always make his killing, but on the day 'the rock was my spot'. Since that day I wanted to catch more fish and in time I did.

You would be shocked how many people remember their first fish on the fly. I hope your have your own and if you do not I hope this is the year for you. Good luck everyone and remember to do the best you can.


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  1. I actually cannot remember my first trout on a fly rod. I remember my dad teaching me, and I remember my first big trout on a fly (14-16 inch brown just after sunset on Kettle Creek, sulphur hatch).