Saturday, July 3, 2010

a little something about the plans

So what do they say about the best laid plans again? Mid week when I planned on fishing today the idea was to go into north GA and catch wild trout in the mountains. It's something I love doing and since I've been in Atlanta I've only done it twice. Growing up in PA I did a lot of small stream and mountain stream fishing, and in CT where Sarah grew up there are wonderful stream right along side some great rivers. Now back to the trip that wasn't, last night Sarah and I went and had dessert and a board game with some of our friends. Two of the most wonderful people I know, a wonderful couple and they have a baby on the way, so our friends will be a family soon. Anyway we stayed with them till 10:30 or so. We got home and caught the end of a Braves nail biter(Braves won), then I decided to tie a couple flies getting ready for the morning. We ended up going to bed after 1 and well this morning I didn't get up, neither did Sarah. So with such a late start I just didn't want to deal with the 2 hour drive north and the half hour hike back to a new spot I've never fished.

So I went to the hooch off of 285 but the water was like chocolate milk and very high. I haven't figured out a good formula for fishing in conditions like this yet, but still tried for a couple hours, then hit a spot on hwy 41 for maybe a bass and at least some sunnies.

Hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of this spot at a normally level and color.

A change of spots and a change of luck, I hooked up with about 15 or so of these guys, this was the first and the worst colored one of the afternoon.

This was the last and might have been one of the better colored one.

Well the moral of the story is sometimes you can plan all week long but sometimes you just need to be quick on your feet and pull a plan B out of the back pocket. I'm kinda mad at myself for not making the trip north but Sarah is on call next Saturday so I think I'll try to make an adventure of next Saturday.

Braves game tomorrow!!!!


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