Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fishing Prep

So as of now I'm going to be going fishing on Saturday. For those of you who aren't fisherman here's what goes through your mind when you decide you want to go fishing. Where? Normally that is the first thought, but it is followed shortly by how much time will I have to fish. Then you'll decide if you want to go to a new spot and deal with those head aches or if you want to go to an old hole and hope you or someone else hasn't fished it dry. For a catch and release guy like me fishing a hole dry is still possible in my eyes because a trout will fall for the same trick only so many times before you need to throw it a curve. Once you've decided to go one way or the next you need to start thinking about flies, personally I need to tie some new ones because on my last trip I lost four or five. Then it's gear if you are going to a big river and you want to cast heavy flies or your after hogs then you need a longer/higher weight rod. Small streams are tough because they are so varied in size, and head waters are small tight and requires gear to match small and able to make tight motions.

Now for the trip I'm going to do this Saturday, I'm leaving Atlanta headed north and will be fishing just out side the Cohutta Wilderness. I tomorrow I'll be tying some flies, and maybe post some how to on some of them.

As for this blog I'll be updating my tabs at the top a little at a time, but I'll work hard to keep it rolling, and hopefully be to 100% in about a month.

More to come


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