Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Bright Side

So, even though it cuts into my fishing time, I guess I don't mind having a full time job if I get to talk about fishing all day.

I have learned something new almost everyday I have worked here.  Last week my co-worker Bob taught me to use the reel winder and I am feeling more confident on it every day.  It really is not hard to use, but I was still glad when Bob left me some combos to set up.   

The process of putting line on a reel.  Just take your time and tie good knots.

My most recent fishing trip was yesterday.  I decided to hit the salt and try to catch a blue or a stripped bass.  I fished a river in the morning, but after a couple hours of nothing decided to switch gears and spots.  After driving to a park about a half hour away, I grabbed my spinning rod and a snapper blue popper.  I fished from some rock and did okay.
View from the rocks.
Here is one of the snapper blues(one of about six).  I really would love to catch something a little bigger in the saltwater because truth be told I have caught bass and trout that would eat this fish.  Saltwater fishing is a different monster.  I know I need to put my time in but honestly I would be more willing to put in my time if I knew how big these things really get.

Go back into the bay and grow little one (try not to get eaten).
That is it for now friends.  I will be bringing the details of my give away by the end of the week.  


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  1. Nice work Bruce. I'm still jealous of where you work. Must be fun.