Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Striped Bass Full Story

Last week my work schedule was different because my co-worker was off and Friday I had the late shift. So I got up early to chase striped bass again. Since starting at Bass Pro I have been met a lot of great fishermen and they have been helping me with plugs and tides. Friday I got it right. I hit the river on an out going tide, overcast sky's and a lot of luck. After about 45 minutes of fishing I had my first missed hook set and had the plug figured out.

Then it happened I caught my first striped bass ever! It was on my 7 foot medium spinning rod with a 3 1/2 inch topwater plug. Then after a little longer I had a few more missed hooksets and started moving around a little.

I crossed under a bridge that was near by and took a couple casts. There it was number two, three, four, five and six! Six striped bass on a spinning rod and a plug but something was missing. On one if my last casts I saw a striper come up and turn back to the bottom. So I quickly grabbed my fly rod and hit that same spot and bang! My first striped bass on a fly rod.

Now the hard core striper guys will say oh those are just schoolies but I was thrilled. These fish hit hard and pulled hard for their size! If you are a fly or spin fisher and you have access to a striper fishery you need to try it. I think I am hooked and truthfully I can not wait to get back and fish for schoolies again.

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  1. Schoolies...Shmoolies!
    I'd be thrilled catching one let alone a half dozen in a day.