Sunday, January 2, 2011

Being a fly fishing blogger is hard without a job

Sarah and I have been living in a new state now for more then a month and still I have no job.  This does not mean I have no work.  Last week we got twenty inches of snow.  Here is Sarah's post on it, and honestly I love the process of waking up to move snow and get yourself dug out.  It was a good storm and dumped a lot of snow fast.  Along with the snow we are still setting rooms up, hanging pictures, fixing lights that need replacing, and some nice projects on furniture.

Still the job issue is really starting to get to me, for a number of reasons, bills, gas, and food are the basic worries.  Honestly there is still another reason I wish I had some money in the bank account, and it is a little more selfish.  I have been filling out applications and working to get a job and that weighs on me after a while and I need to break away for a day.  My hike two weeks ago was nice but honestly in the back of my mind I am thinking about fly fishing.

It's the second day of the new year and I am without a fishing license for the state I am living in.  This would not be a big deal if I had a job because I would be working till dark and the weekends would be spent with the house and wife.  That being said it is killing me to not be able to clear my head on the water.  I know what you might be thinking 'Bruce you're in Connectucute and it is 3 degrees outside' well all you people who think that trout do not eat in the winter, your wrong they do.

Hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks I will land a job and that will mean a new license will be soon behind it.  Until then I am going to be trying to post some winter fly patterns.  Also some cool stuff about the new house such as the deer that were in the back yard, and some of the wild life in the area.  Lastly, OBN posts writing prompts and I am going to start to write off of those when I can.   One more little piece about the license comes from a blog I read.  The writer at This River Is Wild wrote a great post explaining part of the reason I want to get my license now go check it out and stop back later in the week to see where I am.


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