Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Bucket List

So the truth is I really do not have a bucket list, and if I did I doubt it would be divided up into season.  With that fact out in the open there are lots of winter sports I want to try.  This past Sunday I did one of them and so I can strike it off my list that is not real.  Sarah, her sister Bethany and I went snowshoeing.  I do not read a lot of blogs but a lot of the people in the north east who have been lucky to get a ton of snow have been snowshoeing, and writing about it.

 My reasons for wanting to snowshoe are not from these blogs, but they did not help in the matter.  I really do not know why Beth and Sarah wanted to go, but it was cool that we all wanted to try this sport.  The reason I wanted to try it was partly because for years growing up I heard my mom say how she wants to try snowshoeing.  For a few years I did not agree with her, I wanted to snow board, ski, snowmobile, even try those dirt bikes with the spiked weeks you drive on ice but snowshoe, why?   Somewhere along the way I changed my tune.  In the past two weeks I have been sending emails and facebook pleas to friends, and family to see if anyone had a pair of snowshoes I could use.  Then last week Sarah got in on the action and put it in her blog how I wanted to try this sport, and a day later a church member let us borrow his.

With the two pair of snowshoes we borrowed from Dr. Kamm and Bethany renting a pair for twenty bucks at Housatonic River Outfitters ( Sorry Beth and as soon as I get a job we'll pay you back or rent and you can use the borrowed ones) we were off.  We had two trails in mind both as flat as we could find and both heavily traveled.  When we got to the first, a truly flat trail by a river we saw a ton of cars and lots of cross country skiers.  Then we made the call to see what the other spot looked like.  There was not as much traffic at this place so we strapped in and took off.

There was a nice snow pack from people who had been snowshoeing and cross country skiing here before, so it made for easy walking.  There is a rhythm to snowshoeing, and when you are walking on other peoples tracks the rhythm is paired with constant balancing.  When you step on another persons track you some times slide a little, but not letting the slide mess with your rhythm was the key for me.  None of us had poles, which from everyone I talked to about it are optional.  I can see where they would be a great help, but also know I got a work out with just the walking in the snowshoes and I would bet poles would add to the burn.

We hiked maybe did two or three miles grand total, but for the first time out this was a good walk.  I am hoping to do a more challenging trail in this week as long as we are still borrowing the shoes.  After snowshoeing I decided that I do not really need the other winter sports and if I never get the chance to do them there will be no loss.  That being said I will never turn down the chance to do other winter sports, and actually hope I can try skiing or at least get back on a snowmobile sometime.

I plan to add snowshoes to my wish list. I think they might be a great way to get to those back country fly fishing spots when you want to do some true winter fishing.  Plus I love to hike and get out in the the wilderness to clean my head sometimes and snowshoes are the ticket.  The gear is simple, and if I had a pair of them I would bet I would turn to them all the time.  If you have ever thought about trying snowshoeing and have not done it for what ever reason lots of outfitters rent them.  I would recommend renting a pair and trying it out, and then when you return them that same outfitter would most likely be happy to sell you a pair.    Go out and have an adventure!!!!


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