Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where it all happens

I had a busy week and the fact that I had a busy week coupled with the fact that I did not take my computer to New York City with me in the middle of the week means my blog suffered.  With great hopes of updating my wish list and putting up three new posts last week, but what I did is just sad. In an effort to start this week out right I am doing another OBN prompt.  This time it is a photo prompt so here is the photo tour of where I write my blog.  Since I am letting pictures do the talking (and the captions) I will let you know that this week I plan to do better then last.

This is my desk, where I can write, tie flies, and a lot of other things.  There is a window facing the woods on my right, and the room has all my rods, guns, knives, and anything else outdoor related.     

This is a better shot of everything right after I set it up for the first time.  



  1. Nice shots, Bruce. An all-in-one makes a lot of sense. Looks comfortable, too>

  2. It does look like a very nice, functional set up and to have a window with a wooded view too? Very sweet!