Friday, January 21, 2011

The Starting Point

I am going to flash back to my most recent trip to Pa, again.  We were celebrating Christmas and I had gotten a new rod.  Then on the trip to Bass Pro that followed, I bought the line I had been eyeballing.  Lastly while we where there in Bass Pro I was given one more present which turned out to be a Pa fishing license.  I am a non-resident and for the past three years I have been living in Atlanta, so I really had no need to buy a year worth of fishing in a state I visit two may be three times.  Now I live a little less then two hours from the state of Pa and right around four from where I grew up.  So when my dad said 'do you want a Pa fishing license?'  I said yes.

A few posts ago I complained that I need to get my new drivers license so I can buy a fishing license for CT.  That is still very true but I do feel better now that I have a fishing license and I plan to use it as much as possible.  Hopefully once a job is properly landed I can buy a CT fishing license.  I have also been thinking about maybe NY and/or MA as other states to look into getting licenses for.  Right now only time will tell what states I will be fishing in, but this is a great starting point for the year.  


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  1. True, that is a great start to doing it right. Good luck to you on your fishing excursions in 2011.