Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow storms and fly boxes

Here is an update on the snow and more importantly the fly tying that comes from being stuck in the house for days on end.  Yesterday from about nine in the morning till one in the afternoon I sat in my room tying flies.  I had the TV show M*A*S*H on my latpot and my nose to the grindstone.  I breezed through some prince nymphs and then moved on to some hares ear nymphs.  Those two patterns are standards in my nymph box.  All that is left to do with those patterns is a couple bead head versions for a little variety and added weight.

an empty rough looking box

I was sick of working those two patterns and started looking at some of the flies that I had in the box from the season.  The few flies I had left were either looking very rough, or ones I have not mastered at the vice.  When the snow stopped I worked on clearing the driveway.  The whole time I was shoveling I was thinking about the flies I tied last year and how they could have been better.  Lately I have been thinking that I could be better at the vice or at least push myself to try new things.  Last night I took a razor blade and cut the material off from some of the rough looking flies in order to save the hooks.  Then started looking at some of the stoneflies and figured I could dumb it down enough to tie myself and make effective.  I slept on that notion last night. 

this is a half finished stone fly

 When I got up this morning I tied my first, and it looked okay.  Then I tied a couple more and I am pleased with what I have.  Only time will tell if it looks close enough to fool a trout but at this point I know I can tie stone flies.  As I sat at my desk eating a toasted peanut butter and marsh mellow fluff sandwich I noticed the wintry mix stopped.  I am feeling good about this pattern, and feeling good about my nymph box.  With a couple hours more at the vice I will be done tying nymphs for spring.  So fellow fly fishers I have a question, what nymphs do you like to stock your boxes with?  I like to keep my nymphs simple, because I would rather catch fish on dry flies.  With two boxes full of dry flies of different shapes and sizes, I want my nymphs to be simple and versatile.  So for those of you who fly fish, some input on other good nymph patterns is welcome.  If you are from Connecticut and there are some area specific patterns you can let me in on I would appreciate that info as well.  

this box is almost done



  1. I don't do much nymph fishing, my selection consists of Princes and PT's.
    If your interested in dries, or streamers I could suggest several.

    Your flies look good.

  2. You have a real talent. Keep it up and by the time you guys finally thaw out up there in the Northeast that box will be full. Very nice ties. Thanks for sharing.