Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shout Outs Anyone?

First let me say that lately I have not been blogging a lot for a number of reasons.  Actually I could do a long post on why I have been slacking. I am hoping by writing this post tonight I will regain my momentum for the week.  This post is all about giving three guys a shout out! 

First is Owl Jones and his new and improved site  This guy makes me regret not getting into blogging when I first moved to GA, because I feel like if I had known about him, our paths would have crossed once or twice.  Anyway I know about him now and his site always makes me laugh, but still provides some fishing insight which is why I read these things in the first place.  Go check him out........ OH and the man can rap!!!!

The second is Ben over at Arizona Wanderings.  This was the first blog I started reading regularly, and the first I added to my reading list.  Ben is a great writer and has posted some of the most well written posts I have read on the net.  He has a deep love for fishing, but also posts on others thing like hunting, cooking, fly tying and his rambling reviews are great if you are looking to buy a piece of gear that he might own.  The reason I was drawn to this site was because AZ is a state I have always wanted to visit, but never wanted to live because I thought there were no trout there.  I was wrong - there are and Ben has mastered catching them.

The last but definitely not least is one I just started reading.  The title drew me into this one - it is called Small Stream Reflections. I am some what of a small stream junkie.  People cannot understand why fish 5 inches and less give me so much joy, but really the fact that they are wild or native is just amazing to me.  Alan gets it, and last summer when the small streams were all too hot and in the danger zone he stopped fishing them.  He respected that fact that the fish were under enough stress and went after the lunkers in the nearby dam fed river.  Lastly Alan does amazing work at the vise, he is someone who keeps the Rangeley Style streamer alive.  This is something I would like to get into, and he seems to have lots of knowledge on the subject and is very skilled at making and using them.

Alan I tied a couple of these Ausable Bombers' because you speak so highly of them I hope they produce.  Does it look okay?

I read only 7 or 8 fishing blogs on a regular basis and will showcase the rest another time, but for now go check these guys out. Lastly I wanted to send out a little teaser about a post that will be coming up on Sunday.  There will be big news coming Sunday, and the ramifications of this announcement will forever change Outfitted for Life.  So.........   Stay tuned. 


p.s. I owe my readers one post on the light Cahil.


  1. Thanks Bruce. I really appreciate the kind words and write up. You have always been very supportive and I enjoy reading your blog as well. I look forward to every new post and seeing what's happening on the east coast. Thanks again for the kind words.


  2. Bruce,
    Its very much appreciated when your fellow bloggers recognize you. Thank you.

    That Ausable Bomber should work magic in any small wild trout stream. It is my number one fly.


  3. You picked a very good trio...Owl's blog gives me laughs, AZ's blog give me information, and Brk Trt just makes me hungry with his blog pics!!!

  4. Fly looks good buddy! Like your blog. I just started following