Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looks Good Bro!

First let me say sorry for not getting to my Cahill post faster, but I have an update from the great lakes instead!  My brother Jason has sent me pictures of some of his winter successes.  Actually he needs his own section on my blog, because he always does well in his adventures.  He got a really big buck this year, and has been keeping me up to date on all his ice fishing trips as well.  Here are a couple shots of him and his fish.  Maybe if I can get some regular stories and pictures from him I will give a more regular update on all his outdoor adventures too. 

A couple of nice looking yellow perch, he says they are about 14 inches.  The only real comment I get about this picture is that they were about 14 inches and that he and a buddy got them somewhere in northern Michigan.
Here is a small pike.  

Well the wheels are turning about this little Jason section, but for now this is just an up date from my brother in the midwest.  Thanks for the pictures bro, keep up the good work.


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