Monday, February 14, 2011

Got you nothing for Valentines day

This is a little preview for things to come starting with some flies.  I am always surprised to get complements on my fly tying from other folks who fly fish and tie.  In the last couple weeks I have gotten a couple comments from other bloggers complementing how nice my flies look, and some from my friends who do not blog.  So with the cold of this winter I have been doing a lot of tying, and not enough blogging.  My fly boxes are filling rapidly at this point, and I think it is time to start blogging more.  So until the spring thaw comes I will be doing posts on fly tying.

The other exciting preview comes in the form of some new gear coming my way.  William Joseph WST waders to be exact, this whole thing is being facilitated by the wonderful OBN.  I am very excited with prospect of new gear just ask Sarah, because I just stopped jumping around the house five minutes ago.  After it really set in that I was getting the waders Sarah asked what I will do if things are still frozen here?  Well that is easy I will be driving to PA and fishing there a couple times.  Sarah had an exciting day as well because her blog (The Strength of Faith) which has become a fairly popular food blog was accepted into the Foodbuzz featured publisher program.  

With all the excitement of the day and us both having a lot of luck I was thinking I should maybe play the lottery.  I did not play it, but I still have time to get to a gas station.  When we finally sat down for dinner and as I looked across table at her I said "hey Sarah I didn't get you anything for Valentines day, sorry".  She looked at me and said "I didn't get you anything either", then we both laughed a little, and went on eating.  All the great news we got today just had us so excited and happy that laughing was all we could do.  Well as I said at the start of this post check back a couple times this week because I will be posting some fly tying posts.


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  1. Years ago when I was given new waders & the weather was uncooperative, I wore them around the house all day.