Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Short Hike on a Sunny Day

So today after lunch I decided to see how the snow melt was going, and it is going well.  The sun was out in full force today.  The temp was in the mid 40's and I am sick of sitting in the house. So I had my wife drop me off at one of my favorite trail heads, and I spent two hours trying to find hard snow to walk on.  The soft snow was still between mid shin and knee deep, but I did not care anymore, I needed to get out of the house.  The walk took me along a stream that I was told has native and wild trout in it.  So this walk was part fresh air and part scouting mission.  My camera is worthless at this point and a new one will most likely be a late spring to early summer investment.  For now I am going back to my phone as a camera it does well enough as long as I keep it clean (it was not clean today so the shot is not great, oh and the sun was making for a tough picture). 

Bright sun makes for a hard picture but I did not care this was too nice to pass up

Well Spring is coming, but there is still a good 15 inches to deal with in some areas.  Maybe I will head to PA and do some fishing soon.  I am very ready to get out on the water again.   On a side note, I have not mentioned this yet, but I won a fly box in a give away last week.  So thanks to the Foul Hook blog for the new box and when it comes I will take pictures and try to fill it.  I already have an idea of what flies I want to put in it. 

Okay it is late and the new work schedule has me up a quarter of 4 and out the door by 4:30 am.  Do not forget about Sunday's big announcement. 



  1. Deep snow, makes for lousy walking.
    There are some beautiful small streams in your neck of the woods.

  2. Brk Trt

    I'm learning about more and more from the local fly shop, and some guys who know the area better then I do. I do have a question for you can I send you an email?

  3. Sure Bruce, my email is in my profile.

  4. thanks for your comment on my blog. As far as allen hooks I have not had any delay. I always called in my orders so I can 100% confirm stock. I am a chef by trade and enjoy your wifes blog as well.