Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Lost Week

So you might be saying to yourself where the heck did Bruce go?  Has he dropped off the face of the earth, or maybe those floods in CT washed him away?

Well I am here and the floods might have tried to take over our basement, but we fought them back and I'm still here.  First let me explain that I have not posted this week for a couple reasons.  The first reason is I was riding the excitement of Sarah's job, I was riding that thrill till Wednesday.  I am just very excited and proud of my wife!  So instead of turning this into a full three days of singing my wife's praises I opted to just tell her, my family, her family, and some friends how great she is. 

Then there was the rain.  We have had a little water in the basement and I have been cleaning it and trying to prevent it from coming back (with rain in the forecast tonight we will see how I did).  Also rain related problems are my morning commute.  I have been working a part time job, but it is a morning shift starting at 5.  My normal twenty minute drive has turned almost thirty five plus.  That means I have been getting up earlier and instead of blogging in the afternoon I have been napping. 

Lastly it is the start of Lent so I have been to church a lot this week.  There was the call sermon on Sunday, then Shrive Tuesday with pancakes after, and lastly ash Wednesday.  So this week really did not lend its self to a great blogging week. 

I did find time to tie a couple flies, and today I took some pictures of my boxes nearing the end of the filling process.   If you have been wondering how a person could have so many boxes and so few flies, it is because I went through them in the fall and purged them of all mangled, rusted, and worthless flies.  I tried to save any hooks that could be saved, and mainly just wanted to get my boxes looking nice and being more on the functional again.

This one needs a couple parachute Adams, and three more BWO's

There is always room for streamers.  I am constantly trying new ones and removing the junk.
I keep thinking I'm done with this box, but that is not true.  Hairs ear bead head, more brown stone flies, and I want to figure out a good Crane fly Larva pattern to add.

This box is fun.  I've got some of everything in here.  Some AZ Wondering mini hoppers, some Small Stream Reflections inspired Ausable Bombers, two sizes of Royal Wolf, Henryville Special's.  I am going to add some stone flies and a couple Goddard Caddis.

Now to wrap this up I want to thank Foul Hook for my newest box.  I am not sure what I want to fill it with but for now I put some carp flies in it.  One of my goals for this year it to bring one of these  "golden bones" to hand.  Last summer I was on the fish, but could not even get a fish to look at my flies.  Here is the box, I really like it!  The color is a little wild for my taste but if it use is for carp maybe it will be lucky.  Oh and it came with a sticker.  That is a huge bonus because I love brand stickers (I have them for my rods, and cloths on my truck).   

Good looking box don't you think?

Still learning about carp flies so this is kinda a work in progress.

Okay everyone I am back.



  1. Lookin good Bruce. I agree the color's a little crazy, but it performs just fine. Glad you could find a good use for it.

  2. Those boxes are starting to really shape up.

  3. nickr thanks I think I will get tons of use out if it.

    Brk Trt they are and with another weekend of tying planned, I'll be much further along! So do you think all the streams in CT are blown out? What do you think about the mountain streams?

  4. Great looking assortment! I really like the wondering hopper. i'm gonna have to find that pattern. I followed your wifes blog as well. I do enjoy hers