Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hidden Talents

So this winter seems to be never ending.  The fact that I have not actually gone fishing in months has been good for "the fly box overhaul of 2011", cleaning and organizing my gear and acquiring new gear. 

A little more then a week ago I thought I would get out and fish.  Well, with a couple days of rain in a row, the creeks and rivers swelled from their banks, started washing over streets and then started to carry houses away.  So needless to say I did not even attempt to fish last week.  But I have my fingers crossed that the mountain streams will be down in the next couple days and I can at least take my new 3wt for a spin.

Now maybe you as a blog reader are saying  "Bruce you need to blog about these things so we can see what you are doing" - well that is my bad.  I have not been good about it but fishing season is coming up and hopefully my blog will be chalk full of trips.  Until then I will be showing off more flies, and maybe some hikes (because the weather has been nicer - that is when it is not raining), and I have been kicking around the idea of a giveaway!

Let me show you what I do when I go bug eyed after tying too many size 22 dry flies.  The short background story is one of my best friends gave me a Dremel tool as a wedding gift.  He handed it to Sarah and me and then said sorry to Sarah because he knew it would be mine in five minutes (I used it on our honeymoon, but that is another story for another time).  So I bought some diamond tips for it and started playing with glass etching.  I have etched glasses as gifts ever since.

This is the one I made for Sarah's blog thing.  Oh and if you wear dresses today is Tuesday put one on.
In the last week I made this set of small water / juice glasses with a trout theme and one for Sarah and her women confidence initiative called "Wear A Dress Tuesday".  When I finished the glasses I was pleased with how they came out and after showing Sarah she said I should make a set and give them away.  With the fear of a flop giveaway being my first thought, I felt I would show them off and see what people think.  I could do a couple with flies, some fish and the name of your blog (it could be anything).

These are the other 3, a brook trout, a rainbow after a dry fly, and a streamers.
Some nice angled shots, thanks to my photographer (Sarah).
Better look at that streamer, all of these are done free hand so they are not perfect.
This is not officially a giveaway but if you all think this would be a good idea please let me know and I will post an official giveaway.



  1. OOOOooooo!!! I want to buy those glasses for Tim!! Do you ever sell these glasses???

  2. Those look great !! Maybe you could do one of your new church !!!!

  3. Courtney, I haven't really thought about selling them, but we'll talk.

    Steve, I'm trying to come up with something.

  4. Bruce,

    That is quite a talent. I really dig those glasses and yes, definitely do a a giveaway...


  5. I'd be in for a contest or giveaway. Very nice blog, BTW. Great looking glasses, too!