Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday afternoon tying session

So Friday after noon I sat down to tie flies.  I have plenty of flies that needed to be tied, but I was in the mood to crank out some streamers.  I have a fly wallet that I keep them in and it needed to be updated.  I love streamers, and if I am not working a hatch or my nymphs are not working out, a streamer will normally do the trick.  There was a time when a marabou streamer was my first and last fly of the day.  Actually a black and white marabou streamer got me my fist trout on the fly rod.  Well here is Friday afternoon's work.  

This is my version of a cone head zonker minnow

Here is my play on a black nosed dace

This was me playing with a little flashabou and the back nosed dase

Here it is a black and white marabou streamer just like the one I caught my first trout on

The famous Mickey Finn, a staple in my streamer box/wallet since day one!

Another streamer that has been in my boxes since day one.  The Black Ghost

This is a leech pattern a wise old fly fisher taught me. 

This is my dace again, and Sarah was working on an artsy shot for me.  What do you think?

Okay everyone, tomorrow is the BIG announcement.  So stop in, in the evening and there will be exciting news.  Until then enjoy the pictures and if there are any streamer patterns you can not leave home without what are they?



  1. You have tied a good selection of streamers. They have proven their ability to take fish.
    That first one is something a large brown trout could beat up on.

  2. Brk Trt, thanks for the comment. The first one is a killer, and not just big fish try to take it. That is the only one I pictured that I tie in more then just one color. I tie it in olive, and orange as well.

  3. I'm new to fly-fishing and I havent been fishing streamers much...maybe I am missing out on a good chance at fish by skipping over some of these flies.

  4. I like 'em all! I think it's hard to get too very artsy with such a small subject without the use of some specialized lenses. For me, the whole thing is a bit too out of focus...but wait. Oh crap. I didn't have my new glasses on. HAHA ........nevermind! :)
    Nice work!

  5. nontypical, yes streamers are easy to tie and my vote is you carry at least two different type because they WILL come in handy.

    Owl, you had me going I thought I put the pictures that actually were out of focus up. Then I looked at them again, and then came back and finished reading your comment.