Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It has been a really long time!  Yesterday I went fishing, which was a big deal because my fishing had been put in limbo status when we moved here.  With Sarah getting a church, and my part time job I felt good about getting an out of state license for CT now.  So with my new license in hand I arrived at a mountain stream that is normally a little smaller then it was yesterday.

So I started taking pictures about a half hour after the excitement ended.
 I was very excited to be fishing again.  Along with the fact that I was fishing, I was excited to have a new license, a new rod reel combo, new waders (which by this time next week I will have a good review for), and some freshly organized fly boxes.

Here is a sign to show that spring is coming or does this mean it is here?
After jumping into my waders and stringing up the new Redington I made my way to the stream.  The first thing I did was sat down on a rock and took a good look at what was happening on the water.  This stream normally runs lower and less stained then it was yesterday but it was still fishable.  I decided a Zebra Midge dropped from a Small Stream Reflections recommended Ausable Bomber would be a good starting setup.

Took this shot after one got away.

My first cast was a little rough, it could be best decribed as klunky.  The second was great, I loaded the new rod and unloaded a shot putting the dropper very close to the spot I had been looking at.  As I watched the rig drifting down the small riffle I spotted a shadow dart from alongside a rock.  The shadow went right past the midge and nailed the bomber.  I instantly started to laugh as I set the hook and with a little resistance I brought a beautiful little five or six inch brook trout to hand.  With the laughter and excitement I took the fly out of the top of the trout's jaw and reached for my phone (to take a picture) but he wiggled his way out of my hands.  I was not able go snap a shot of the fish but it was a story book start to the afternoon.

What do you think?  I think the new setup looks good?

Sadly that was the only real excitement.  I missed a couple fish on nymphs and had one hooked that shook loose.  Honestly I really did not care, because on the second cast in this state I hooked and landed a brook trout.  I am excited to have my CT license and the weather forecast for the next couple days looks great we might be hitting the 60s the next two days.  Perfect weather for some really small stream action.  I will keep my blog posted on any/all trips I take in the next couple days so do not for get to check back again soon.

Thanks for reading


  1. Nice report.
    It's good you were able to get out for a spell. And to be able to cradle a wild brook trout must be special.
    That Bomber is the real deal.


  2. Congrats on your move to your new home base, and, good to see you getting that new gear out for some field testing. Look forward to more of your fishing journeys.