Friday, April 22, 2011

Back to the Water

So today is Good Friday, and it was a good day for me.  Sarah had an at your own pace, come when you have the time, self reflective service written down that you could go to the church and read in the sancuary.  Then there was me who picked one up, as I was headed to the stream to try to catch some trout.  These kinds of services are great to do outside and to do it stream side made it that much more meaningful.  Here is her service if you want to know what it looked like. 

Now for what I am sure you paused at and thought 'He said last Thursday that he would have a license within a week and it has been a week and a day'.  Well sorry for the delay but the house needed to be cleaned and I wanted to get some gardening and yard work done.  Also drivers licenses are expensive here in MA.  Well to make a long story short I bought both a drivers and a fishing license today and with in 5 hours I was fishing.

I took lunch to the church for Sarah (that is when I got my Good Friday service to put in my pocket).  We ate sandwiches and talked for a while, then I stopped the conversation with the question "sooo some church members said that small dam up the street gets stocked with trout right?"  to this Sarah said go ahead and fish.  So I did and it was good (see that, it is a little church joke). 

This little dam had lots of bugs raising off it and then fluttering around and falling back down.  I was excited when I saw that first ripple of a trout eating a dry fly.  The flies were very big and dark so I started with my biggest parachute Adams.  After a while I quit with the Adams fly and then continued to try everything I had in both of my dry fly boxes.  So I sat down and read that service, and looked out at these fish eating the flies that I did not have and was okay with it.  I caught one of these flies as I was leaving and it turns out I should have been throwing a Trico or a Spinner which I had neither of.

I was not ready to go home but I had done all I could do at the dam.   So I stopped at a bridge on my way home, and the same hatch was coming off there.  This hatch was not exactly the same it had some Cahill and some Caddis mixed in.  This was the ticket I was only at this bridge for less then an hour but I pulled out three nice fish.

First was a nice healthy brook trout

Next a darkly colored brown
Lastly was a little brown

 Just like that the hatch died and the wind picked up.  I was tired and hungry so I decided to call it quits.  Had the hatch still been going strong I would have thought about this for a while, but it just died so the decision to leave was easy.  When I caught the last fish I was able to stage a shot that I am going to use as a teaser for a future post. 

This is the tease shot.  

So just above that rod is a trout and above the trout is a new piece of gear that I have been testing.  I really want to take it out couple more times, but it is looking good so far.  Keep an eye out for the full review sometime in the next week.


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