Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I feel like my blog is getting a little flat and now that Holy Week and Easter are over I am going to get Sarah to help me do some changes to my blog.  Nothing major but something to freshen it up a little and maybe weed out some of what is not working.

Speaking of weeding the first change is going to be easy and it is already started.  I have started a garden here at the new house and Sarah and I will both be writing about it from time to time.  She has put two posts up and there is mention of the garden in both of them. 

I want to give a little insight as to why a garden and why I am going to name it Aunt Verna's New England Garden.  My fathers aunt Verna is like a grandma to me and my siblings.  She lives in PA and has lived in the same house for as long as I can remember and at this house she has a garden.  Verna's garden is a large vegetable garden and it is always full of goodies.  The garden is amazing and so is she.  A woman in her late 80's who plants a lager garden and meticulously tends it daily.  So needless to say I have eaten lots of veggies from her garden and hope my own garden can emulate hers.

My garden is named Aunt Verna's New England Garden because I want this garden to be an extension of my aunt Verna's garden here in New England.  I am hoping that with her name attached to my garden, it will have a good yield she would be proud of.  I plan to call her sometime soon and explain my garden and her connection to it. Also I plan to talk gardens with her, for years I cut her lawn and we always talked gardens, weather and what she would plant and grow each year.

Now for the new blog feature, on the left side of the blog there is a picture of a tomato I grew on the deck of our apartment last year.  This year I have a large garden outside in the dirt, a rain barrel, garden tools including rubber boots and I want to document it!  So Sarah and I will be blogging about it as we go and it will be full of ups and downs I am sure, but as my aunt Verna always says "we do the best we can"


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  1. Bruce
    A vegetable garden would be a natural extension of the new life you and Sarah have set up. The patience required to plan, plant, tend and eventually see the fruits of your labors seem to be a short term comparison to a ministry or a long term comparison to working a run.
    Good luck to you both in your new endeavor