Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Week In Fish

Sorry it has been over a week since I posted anything, but if you look at the garden link you will see I have been working on the garden a little, and I have been fishing as well.  Sarah asked me the other day why after catching two new species and trying a new travel method I have not written about it.  Well here are the cliff notes version of the week.

I spin fished a reservoir from the shore early in the week, and landed two new species (Chain Pickerel and Yellow Perch). The other thing that is new is that we are back to being a one car family for about a month. We did this for two years in Atlanta and did just fine so we will make this work till we get the cars and licenses switched to the new state. In the mean time I grabbed my new bag, and my Redington and my TREK. That is right, it is peddle power for about a month. Okay enough typing here are some pictures of my week I caught a lot of trout but only took pictures of a couple of them.

This month's mode of transpotation!

The waters are tinted red/orange here and I think that is why the fish are darker here.

Cahill is still a very popular fly

OKAY friends does this fish look wild or was it stocked this year?

Got this guy on a spin rod, but I'll be on a boat/float tube soon, and that's when I'll be throwing flies at them!


This was taken with my phone, and this trout was taken on a quick trip one evening this week. 


  1. Well Bruce at least your vehicle is reliable.
    The brookie has nice full fins and tail, which point to wild, but I would have to see the stream, and know more about It's still a nice fish, as are the others.

  2. Biking & fly fishing seem to be made for each other. A 4" length of 3" ABS water pipe mounted to the front fork makes a great rod tube holder. Secure top of tube to the handle bars with elasticized velcro.

  3. Congrats on the new species. I agree with Brk Trt, that brookie has a bit of a wild look to it. You could always look up and see if the waters you grabbed it from has a known wild trout population.

  4. Thanks for the comments and sorry about the typos, I've fixed them now the post makes sense.

    Brk Trt everyone around here says these streams get warm in the summer, but I haven' sent a whole season here so I honestly can't believe it till I see it. There are very deep pockets and I'll be there is a lot of hold over action going on.

    John thanks for the rod holder tip I'll most likely be making that happen very soon, I took my redington because the case is very small but if I make a holder on the bike I'd be golden. On and thanks for the kind words on the garden post as well.

    Anthony thank for the comment, and I hope to be showing lots of new species soon. We live near saltwater and that means a lot of fish I've never seen before! Hopefully I'll have my first striper soon!

  5. I smile whenever I see anyone riding a bike with a rod in's just a classic! Beautiful trout, and great looking perch! I caught my first yellow perch a few weeks ago -- great fun, aren't they!

    Great blog...I am a happy new reader! :)