Friday, May 20, 2011

Pond Fishing 101

So I have decided to start pond fishing as a challenge (because I have been nailing the trout lately).  Plus I know more people who pond fish in town then trout.  So two week or so ago I got some rubber worms and took my spin rod for a trip.  I caught that pickerel and a couple perch.  Since then I have been doing poorly, missing fish and getting skunked.  So last week I took my fly rod with me, and caught a ton of bluegill.  
This was the first and smallest

All these guys were taken on a damsel fly

And they all hit like a ton of bricks.
 Well the problem with catching all these bluegill is I am hoping to catch bass, or perch.  I am stumped because I have been to the pond 4 or 5 times now and nothing but big bluegill.  Granted they are big bluegill, but they are not the fish I was hoping to catch.  So all you warm water fly fishers what am I doing wrong?  Or do I need to get on a boat or something?  Try some stuff further then a cast away from the shore.?

I guess I need more practice, and maybe that means just spending more time at the pond.



  1. I've found that using a larger popper separates the bluegills from the bass.

  2. Good stuff Bruce.
    They are awesome fish taken on light tackle.

  3. My best suggestion for you whether using the weedless worm with a spin pole or a popper on the fly rod would be this:
    Instead of casting straight out from you when standing on shore, turn sideways and cast about 10 ft. out dragging it along the shore instead of to the shore. This will help you attract a lot more bass that would be sitting 10ft off shore. Where as casting straight out with the lure may only pass by a few bass. So fish parallel with the shore instead of perpendicular. I hope this makes sense. Also raising your pole up and then slowly letting it drop as you reel will attract more bass than bluegill. The bluegill seem to go for a twitchy retrieval when the lure or fly stays at the same level in the water. good luck and tight lines to you.

  4. Isn't it funny how your solution is to spend more time fishing! :) I love you.

  5. Great stuff! I have an addiction for panfish for some reason that wrecks my bass fishing at times. Well done.