Friday, May 13, 2011

National Boating and Fishing Week

So I am very excited about national boating and fishing week (June 4-12) this year for three reasons and here they are. – National Fishing & Boating Week

Reason number one, is I will be taking my wife fishing on either both the 4th and 5th of June as these are the free fish days here in the state of Massachusetts.  She is the reason I starting a blog and I plan on taking her fishing one or both of these days, as a little you share my hobby I share yours thing.  There are a couple nice ponds we can picnic at and she and I will spin fish from the shore.

Reason number two comes from the fact that we already have some plans for that week.  We have an event in New York City early in the week and we will be going there by way of Sarah's parents place in CT.  Which means I'll be fishing here in MA and CT, but it does not end there because my sister graduates high school at the end of the week.  This means Sarah and I will be traveling to PA as well and I plan to have a rod and reel on that trip as well.

Reason number three plays off of the fact that I will be in PA.  While I am in PA with my family I will be able to ask my mom and/or dad to go fishing with me like I did as a little kid.  We have not fished together in years and I think it would be nice to fish with them again.  They are the ones who taught me to fish and who bought me my first fly rod, so maybe I will even try to teach them some fly fishing skills.

So that is my plan for national take me boating and fishing week, what is yours? 


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  1. Well Bruce it looks like you have it mapped out very well. It sounds good.
    I plan to fish that week as I do most weeks. As much as possible.