Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Still a Fisherman!

That is right I am still a fisherman and this weekend was a prime example of how I am still a blogging rookie.  Saturday morning I went fishing with John and Kyle from our church.  We only had a couple hours in the morning, but John and Kyle are from here and took me to a local spot that they knew we would have some luck at and helped me out with some spin fishing tactics.

We started out catching crappies, I caught two right out of the gate and was feeling good.  Then John got one and we kept moving.  As time was running out John caught a couple small bass and a couple small pickerel.  Then it was time to get the boat out of the water and head back to the house.

Sounds great right?  Now that I recapped the morning there would normally be some pictures of the trip right?  Well here is where my rookie status comes in - I had a camera in my gear bag, and never took it out.  In theory, I did not catch that lunker so it really does not matter right?  Well yesterday after church and a post church clean up day, John asked if I could get out and fish again, and I said yes before even thinking about my evening plans.

Once again time was limited but we had a good two and a half hours and so he took me on another great guided trip.  We hit a different body of water this time and once again I was out of the gates fast.  He was still putting a hook on as I was setting the hook on the first bass.  I hit a bunch of little bass in the first half hour.  Then John got in the game with a bigger 2 pounders and a couple pickerel.  We both went cold for a couple minutes and John moved us to a spot that he promised would have plenty of fish.  Once we got there he put another big bass in the boat.  I missed a couple, got some knots in my line and John started to catch more fish.  Finally I was back to fishing and he pointed out a rock that always holds fish I missed a couple off of it before we moved on.

After some hits off a rock I decided to fish a big rock at a new spot.  I cast my rubber worm out and let it sink a couple seconds, then gave it a couple twitches and gave a big hook set (the kinda stuff you see on tv shows).  After setting the hook I thought that maybe I got stuck on the bottom, but then there was a  head shake and I knew it was a good fish.  I started to work it to the top and John was very helpful reminding me that "it would be a shame to loose a nice fish like this one".

I got it to the boat and admired it for a minute, then measured it to be a little over 15 inches and weighed it in at 2 lbs 13 oz.   By far the biggest bass I have caught in over 4 years - but did I think to take a snap shot of the big guy?  NO!  Does this make me a blogging rookie?  Yes.

One thing this weekend showed me is that as much as I think I am a blogger, the truth is I am still a fisherman first, and sometimes it is fun to just fish.

I do not regret not taking a picture of these fish because I had a ton of fun, and after thinking about the spin techniques that worked all weekend I think I can dream up some fly patterns to do the same.  So stay tuned for that.


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  1. Not a rookie blogger mistake, Bruce, just an oversight. You should try your fly rod out on the boat, a 15" bass will give your 5 weight a run for it's money!