Friday, May 27, 2011

Do your part! (Monomaster Reivew)

I was fishing this morning and this evening and with little fly action on the water I only managed to trick a couple fish.  Truth be told I just felt the urge to chase trout again, because I have been spending more time on the ponds lately.

After fishing two of my go to spots around here I continued to notice something that kind of set me off.  In the morning I picked up a pocket full of scrap line people had thrown on the ground.  Then this evening I picked up some power bait jars, worm containers, and another pocked full of line, all in the same spots I had been fishing this morning.

I know a lot of people who fish, and do not want to believe any of them or any of you just throw your trash and slack line on the ground.  The thing is someone is doing this and it just drives me nuts to think people can not just pocket the stuff until they get to a trash can.  Pockets what a wonderful invention, the  least we could possibly do is fill them with other peoples trash.   If you do not want to fill your pockets with the line for fear that you will forget it and end up running it though the wash machine how about a gadget?

I normally carry a plastic bag to collect trash and line while I am walking to and from the car.  Over the winter I bought a Monomaster to collect all the line people throw on the banks.  There are two things I love about this new gadget.  First is, it is simple but effective.  Second is a result of the first, that is I pick up all the scraps I see because I enjoy using it. 

So weather you go out and buy a Monomaster or you just start carrying a plastic bag with you, please try to do your part and help clean the shore lines.

Monomaster In Action from Sarah Weaver on Vimeo.

On a side note, my wife said I should try to do some small less wordy blog posts so followers are not always bored to tears from my ramblings.  So I might try to just add some short posts with a couple pictures through out the week.   Also I have a couple gear review that I have been neglecting and plan to get them cranked out in the next couple weeks as well.



  1. Bruce, I will put my stamp of approval on this gadget. I love my Monomaster and use it whenever I need too. On second thought, wish I never had to use it along the stream or lake. That would make me feel just fine!

  2. Good doings Bruce.
    That stuff laying around the waters edges can do so much harm.

  3. Thanks for the comments, does anyone know if you can recycle old used mono? I'm looking online now but does anyone do it and if so who do you use?

  4. I don't know of anyone who recycles the stuff but the CT. DEP has at some of the heavily fished area these long PVC pipes, that allow you to discard the mono in there.

  5. Sweet gadget Bruce but note a cure for the inconsiderate.