Monday, May 16, 2011

New Look

So my wife and I have been working on my blog, and though it is not finished the changes are underway.  Please take a minute and read the new welcome, check out some new pictures, and do not forget to check up on some garden posts Sarah has been putting up.  The transformation should be finished by the end of the week since it is going to be rainy and ugly here till at least Saturday.  As for other changes I want re-think the tabs at the top, and I will be fixing the Outfitters and Online shops pictures to make them blend with the background. 

Other posts to look forward to are a couple reviews (the William Joseph bag, and the Redington Putsuit).  Also I am learning to warm water fly fish, and really starting to love the damsel fly nymph.  Along with this warm water fishing comes some tests on the vise, so I will show you the different damsel flies I have tied.  Lastly I will be doing some surf fishing starting in June so stay tuned for some saltwater action (hopefully I won't need to wait that long)!



  1. Wonderful new look.
    I really like it.

  2. Very very nice. I really like the new look Bruce. Keep up the strong work.


  3. The revamp looks good Bruce & Sarah.