Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Evening Action

So last night with less then an hour to go before sun set  I grabbed my bag, and a rod and headed down the street a little more then a mile to the spot I caught trout the other day.  It had been years and years since I could just grabbed my gear on a whim and headed to a small stream to try my luck  The town we moved to has fishing close by and it is all medium to small streams.  I excel at medium to smalls, for a lot of reasons but mainly because I fished water this size for over 20 years before moving to Atlanta. 

Last night was simple I grabbed my bag and my 3 wt and when to what I am going to name the bridge hole.  I jumped out the the truck slung my bag on my shoulder and took the rod out of the case.  Then stream side I strung the rod up and tried to keep one eye on the water.  The bug action was less then my last trip but there was still some action, and I saw a couple spots where fish were taking flies off the surface regularly. 

Once I was strung up I stripped a bunch of line out and landed the best roll cast I can remember doing in a long time.  It was a strong loop and when the loop stopped the fly dropped ever so softly onto the surface.  Then almost instantaneously the trout came to the surface and sucked the light Cahill in.  I set the hook and the fight was on, this fish ran up stream toward a bush that was hanging over the water.  I have been shore fishing so I did not have waders to walk into the water to defend against getting tangled in the bush.  After a couple tense moments I got the guy around the bush and pulled it ashore to my waiting wet hand.

Sorry about the water spot on the shot but I was excited to have a fish on my first cast!

Another beautiful brook trout, full of energy and some dark colors.  The rest of the time till sunset was filled with me missing dry fly hits, because I think I was day dreaming or something.  I love being in a small town with unique small waters to fish when ever I have an extra half an hour.  Now it is time to figure out how to fish for stripers because that season is just around the corner!



  1. It looks like you have found a nice place to drift a fly.

  2. I'm so glad we live near small stream fishing for you! xoxo

  3. John, Thanks I love to catch Brook trout I feel like its good luck or something,