Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Home New Setup

I am without a Massachusetts drivers license, which I need to get a resident fishing license, so to keep busy I have been setting up our new house.  Since this is our second move in the past 6 months you would think I would be a pro at setting up a new house.  Well that is not exactly true, each new space has a new set of problems to over come, such as rooms too small, rooms too big and then there are problems like where do I put my desk?

The last house we were in was way to big for us, but we loved having a guest bedroom, yoga room, her office, my office all on top of the basics.  Well this house is more like the size two or three people should be living in and so there is not room for a outdoors room (man cave).  The other thing we found when there was room for me to have my own hobby room was that Sarah and I would email, chat or text each other.  This seemed stupid to me, so we spent lots of time hanging out in each others room.

That takes us to the new house, where we have a room that is the right size to share an office.  So after talking the pros and cons out we decided to have a shared office space.  Basically Sarah has an office at the church and will be using it more then her home office.  So we most likely will not be bothering each other, plus it is nice to talk to someone as you are tying dozens of flies.

With the the area explained I am going to put a couple pictures of my work space, but along with them is going to be a question.

How do you organize your desk if you have one?  Most of the drawers have tying materials in them and there is one for junk, but I still feel like it look cluttered.  Should I get over it or should I look to make it even more organized?  If it was your space what would you do?

Now for some good news....  I think I am going to go try and get a drivers license tomorrow, which means I will be fishing again soon!


  1. Looks good Bruce. I have my own hunting room (more like a room filled with piles) that I can tie in, but I still find myself tying at the kitchen table. It's bigger and I can hang with my wife. Like you said it's nice to talk to someone or watch some tv while tying. Great looking room.