Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bass Angler?

When we first moved to our new town I was having trouble hooking up with bass on the fly.  I have not mastered it yet, but I am doing much better.  This past Thursday and Friday I borrowed a friend's kayak and hit the reservoir right before dark both nights.  The first night I took a spin rod and a fly rod on the kayak.  I tossed the spin rod a couple times and almost every retrieve was full of weeds, so I put the spin rod in the holder and reached for my fly rod.  I had strung the fly rod up with a popper and started trying to find the right retrieve pattern. 

The end of the unproductive day.

After about ten minutes of trial and error I had a hit.  Then the trail went dry for an hour, until finally I found the kind of water I needed to be fishing.  It was almost dark when I finally got 3 or 4 strikes on as many casts, but Thursday night was a bust because I was slow on every hook set.  So as I was loading the kayak I decided that I was going to get out again Friday night.

The next evening came and I was on the water again.  I did not take a spin rod this time, just a fly rod and a couple poppers.  Instead of bouncing around I went directly to where I missed fish the night before.  The bass were not looking for the same retrieve as the night before but once I found the magic retrieve pattern the strike was on.  It was windy and I was making short casts and retrieves and with less slack line the first strike was also the first hook set.  After I set the hook the bass ran to deep water.  I knew it was a good fish when it started to pull the kayak.
First fish was a 17 incher baby!

It was a short fight but my first thoughts of a good fish were right.  After taking a picture I got my key chain tape measure out and measured it at about 17 inches.  I took a look at where I ended up after the fight and the wind blowing me away and I was far from where I hooked up.  So I paddled back to about the hook up spot and started a new drift.  On my second cast I missed another good one.  Then desperate to get out of the wind I took shelter behind a small island and caught this nice 14 inch bass.

These bass were two very different colors I think its because of the water depth

Like I said at the start of this post I have not mastered anything but I am feeling confident enough to take just a fly rod and that is a start. 



  1. Both fish, are beautiful.
    Your skills with the long rod are fast becoming honed.

    Well done.

  2. I love it when a plan comes together!

  3. Where are you in the world? Second fish looks like a smallmouth or some kind of hybrid. Look how different the sizes of the mouths are between those two fish. The SMB mouth goes back to the eye, the LMB mouth goes back further than the eye.