Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick update

It has been almost a week and I feel like I need to give an update so here it is.  I went crabbing with some friends this past week and we caught a bunch.  When we got them home I was happy to hear that only one other person liked to eat them!  Lets just say I was thrilled.  
This is the two of us right after we started!
Then a crowd gathered.
Then there was Saturday mornings fishing trip.  I went bass fishing with John early Saturday morning and caught two bass and a couple blue gill.  Neither bass were huge fish but they hit hard and put up a fight and that is all I am asking.  John had a tough morning but was hooked up a couple times and at least twice had big hits on the surface. 
This is one of the two look alike bass I caught Saturday
My fly fishing the salt update is simple I have been out twice and both times had switched to the spin rod.  Both times I gave the fly rod a couple hours and then tried the spin rod.  The only thing I have landed in these two trips has been a couple baby blue fish on the spin rod.  I am not going to give up and honestly I am hoping to hook into something before it gets really cold.  Stay tuned....


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  1. I love crabs, as long as someone else picks out the meat. Good looking largemouth.