Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She's Back

Her name is Abbie (but recently there has been a problem with that name.

So after two months off the road.............  My truck is back!  Let me just say I have nothing against not having a car but having my truck back is great.  There is something about knowing if I need to do anything I can get in my truck and go do it.

There is an Abbie at church and her sister Kella is feeling left out so.  Now her name is Abbie Kella.

She was showing signs of neglect after getting back on the road.  So after changing the oil, putting some additives in the oil and fuel, and a cleaning the truck was looking and running much better.  I got a new tool box from a church member who was just storing this one.  I made some dividers and put a couple tools in the box but I left a large space for fishing other gear.

My new box!

I love stickers but sometimes cars covered in them looks bad so I put these in my box.

I have had a chance to do a little more fishing now that I have my own wheels.  This also means I can do some more side work or drive to potential places of employment.  I also think Sarah likes having the truck back because take trash day with her car was starting to smell.  Well with my truck back on the road I am hoping to get more material to write blog posts about.

I staged this shot but I normally have at least one rod in it.  It would have 4 or 5 like this if I was going on a long trip.




  1. Well we were trying to save money while we were getting settled. The cost of getting the cars registered and inspected in this state is crazy! So we needed to save money before getting it done.

  2. I thought maybe that had to do with it.