Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now it is Official

So I still do not know what I want to do with my life.  I have worked many jobs after graduating high school.  Some of these jobs I have enjoyed myself, but others I have crossed off as something I really do not want to do.  So when we moved to this new house I started looking for a job again.  That fact by itself might shock some and might not shock others, but if you look at the list of places I applied you might laugh a little.  The first three applications I filled out were in this order; REI, EMS, and Bass Pro Shops Fly Shop.

About two weeks ago I had some phone contact with Bass Pro Shops.  I did not get my hopes up but after two phone conversations I found myself driving the 40 minutes to Foxborough.  The interviews seemed too easy.  On the interview I talked with two managers - talking about fly fishing and business are two things I can do and it paid off in this interview.  I was so confident in the interview that I did not go to the truck and call Sarah, but I went to the car section and bought a Bass Pro sticker for my truck.  I then went out to the truck and called Sarah and said it looked good.

After a drug test and background check I was "officially hired".

Last week Sarah and I went on vacation to a friend's wedding and I was in a haze all week long.  The job is just too good to be true, I mean stand around talking, reading, and learning about fly fishing all day long.  The reason I am finally posting about it is because today I went and got my badge and shirts.  They also tried to break me with 3 hours of videos and power points, about sales, procedure, and what not to do at work.  Well they did not break me and it is official ...

I work at Bass Pro Shops in the fly fishing department!

The view from the rooftop pool at the hotel we stayed at on vacation.

Now I need to take a minute to say I am not taking back what I wrote in Bears Den (my thoughts on local fly shops), but urge you to remember that John L. Morris (the man who owns Bass Pro) is a small business man at heart.  Oh and did I mention that John L, Morris is a fly fisherman, and I am told that when he visits stores he likes to show up in the fly shops.  Just something to keep in mind.

Lastly if you are ever near the Foxborough area or you are Bass Pro hopping in the north east stop by the White River fly shop and ask for me.  Thanks for reading everyone.



  1. Bruce,

    That is awesome. What a perfect job for you. I would be afraid that I wouldn't come home with a paycheck though. Best of luck and congrats.


  2. WAy to go Bruce! Make that employee discount count.

  3. Good going....and best of luck!!!

  4. Congrats Bruce! Now learn Mr Morris' face an imprint it on your brain incase he shows up one day. :)

  5. SWEET!!! Don't be bringing too much stuff home in lieu of payolla...