Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fly Tying and a Give Away!

Fly tying has been this evolving thing for me over the years and just like fly fishing I am learning that the learning never ends. Lately I have been more and more confident in my tying abilities. On the same note I am working on and improving in the skills I still have troubles with.

This never ending evolution of skills paired with new materials, new waters and new species are the reasons fly tying is just as addicting to me as the fishing can be sometimes. This past summer I really targeted bass on my fly rod. The hard core trout guys might wrinkle their noses at it but I had a blast starting to learn what makes these large and small jaws tick. With the new fish came bigger hooks and in turn bigger flies. I am now spinning and stacking deer hair bugs. Also with these fish came new streamers and a higher love and respect for bunny strips.

That is just one example of new and exciting things happening at my tying desk. I am also starting to fish for stripped bass and still would love to land that first carp. All this excitement about fly tying has been pushed further lately with bad weather and cold mornings and nights.

So this long winded post is leading to something. I am thinking of tying some flies for people but first I am going go give some away. I have been putting some flies in a box all summer and it will be the prize of my first ever give away. The plan is to put is few more flies in it but not fill it. To get in on the give away action just leave a comment and I will use one of those random draw sites to pick a winner from the bunch. The winner will be picked next Friday and the box will be in the mail Saturday morning (if the winner is prompt about getting his or her address to me).

If it seems like an odd time to get a box of flies think of this. WINTER is coming and a half full box could be a great tying project to get you to spring.

Lastly I am willing to tie flies for anyone who does not tie their own or sees something on my blog they would like to have in their box. So if you want me to tie some flies for you feel free to send me an email and we will start a conversation about want you want.



  1. I need to get out there and chase some Bass with a fly rod. I usually throw the wacky worms at them. I bet it is exciting watching them explode on some of those flies. Great giveaway too. I could put those to use this Winter in Iowa. :) Tight Lines.

  2. Those look amazing! I'm getting back into fly fishing and would love to use them! timborkert @

  3. I wouldn't mind some free flies. Nice ties.

  4. Bruce,

    Great looking flies. Put me in for the giveaway. Thanks a ton.


  5. Hey Bruce,

    Looks like a few Bombers in that box.
    That box would look great in a photo alongside a little brookie stream.

  6. Having sacrificed many flies to the bush, rock, and low hanging branch gods, a novice fly fisherman can't pass up the opportunity on more flies! Thanks for putting this on, i'll be following your blog.

  7. I admire you for tying your flies. I haven't tried it yet even though I have all the supplies. Maybe I can get inspired this winter. Please count me in on your giveaway, and keep up the beautiful work!