Friday, November 4, 2011

Give Away

This is a friendly reminder that a week from today I will be picking a winner for my first give away. Another fun fact is that I will continue to put tried and true patterns in the box until I ship it out.

Last post I did not have many pictures or a good description of the box the winner will receive. This box is straight from work and it is a really nice looking box. This box is a White River Raise (Bass Pro Fly brand). It has the slit foam so you are not ripping it when you remove flies. Along with the slit foam this box has a built in threading system as well. It is olive or forest green and has room for close to 200 flies if you use every slit plus the threaders.

Okay well depending on how this give away goes I might buy something else from work and give it away as well. Here are some pictures and let's keep those comments coming!