Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Productive Week

Last week was a big week for me on the water. The local pond(that's right pond I'll explain that in a later post) I had been fishing finally produced some fish. I brought two nice rain bows to hand and helped two friends with theirs. My bows came on midge larva along with one other my friend/coworker Dan caught.

Then there was Sunday I met Bob(he is also a coworker and works in the fly shop with me) in Plymouth at a kettle pond. I have never fished in an ecosystem like this before. It is a really unique and intriguing kind of fishing. These ponds have light or white sand bottoms and are spring fed. The edged can be wades and that makes it a little easier to fly fish. The stocked ones have good trout fishing in spring and fall.

So Bob and I decided to meet up and fish. The problem we were faced with was the windiest day of the week. I hooked up with one but it shook me lose. So as the sun was setting I thought we'd be skunked, when I noticed Bobs' rod was doubled over. He was hooked up and it looked like a good fish. As it was getting dark Bob reached down and pulled up a large male rainbow. It was a beautiful fish and I was content to let the night end with this guy.